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Installation script for LMDZ (with or without Orchidee) using gfortran, on Linux machines

In a few words

F. Hourdin has developed (and maintains) a distribution of LMDZ (which can be run coupled to Orchidee) using an installation script which intalls both the atmospheric and vegetation models on a Unix/Linux machine. This script,, only retreives and builds the atmospheric (LMDZ) and  vegeation (ORCHIDEE) models. It can be found on the LMDZ SVN server in directory LMDZ/BOL/script_install.

This same directory also contains a LISMOI file (README; in French!) which is worth reading... if you know French... Taking a look at the comments in the (soma are in English) is also a good idea.

The script does all the necessary steps to install the model and includes all the steps to first build the required libraries (IOIPSL and NetCDF). It moreover runs a short test simulation to help check if the installation went well.

Ideally, all you have to do is get the script and run it on the machine on which you want to install the model. For example (in all that follows, the '>' at a beginning of a line is the command line prompt) do:

> svn co
> cd script_install; chmod +x > ./

To obtain the script. It may also be downloaded via an 'svn export', but with the latter, you won't then be able to use svn functionalities  (such as svn diff, update etc.) :

> svn export

The script may also be obtained using the 'wget' command :

> wget

or also using

> wget -O

Mixed bag of comments

  • the script (a bash script) is set to compile the model (and required libraries) using the gfortran compile, along with some standard tools (gcc, wget, gunzi, tar, ...).
  • The version of LMDZ that is downloaded (and installed) by the script corresponds to a version frozen at a given date (see the version variable in the script), and can thus be used to extract and work with a given version, as long as the corresponding file modipsl.version.tar.gz is available in directory ). Significant changes between various verrsions and SVN revision numbers are summarized in the  LISMOI file which is available in that same directory ( and/or on the LMDZ SVN server in the LMDZ/BOL/script_install directory.
  • To change some installation options such as the directory in which the model will be installed, or to skip the compilation of the IOIPSL and/or NetCDF libraries, one must modify the variables defined and documented in the script. One can also choose which compiler will be used (default is gfortran) by modifying the "compilo=gfortran" line in the script (currently compilo=g95, compilo=pgf90 and compilo=ifort are possible).
  • The makegcm script is adapted and can be used to compile the model;  Those who install the model on a Linux PC may also use the fcm script  makelmdz_fcm to compile the model. For the latter, the associated architecture is simply 'local' (reminder: run 'makelmdz_fcm -h' to obtain more information). IMPORTANT: It was only with svn revision 1578 (and thus with the 20111103.trunk 'package') that FCM began being included with the sources of the model.
  • For those interested in running the GCM in parallel mode on their Linux multicore PC, some indications and comments are gathered here.


Last updated: 19 April 2012

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