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StatSVN - Directory branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd/

Directory branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd/

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Lines of Code

branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd/ Lines of Code


Author Changes Lines of Code Lines per Change
lguez 37 (100.0%) 97 (100.0%) 2.6

Most Recent Commits

lguez 2019-04-16 17:19 Rev.: 3478


1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd: surf_ocean_mod.F90 (+1 -2)
lguez 2019-02-08 15:28 Rev.: 3463

Compute surface sensible heat flux and latent heat flux using
ocean-atmosphere interface temperature instead of bulk SST, if
activate_ocean_skin == 2. So we add argument tsurf_in to
ocean_cpl_noice and ocean_forced_noice, and call calcul_fluxs with
tsurf_in. tsurf_in was already an argument of ocean_slab_noice, and
calcul_fluxs was already called with tsurf_in in ocean_slab_noice.

In procedure surf_ocean, when activate_ocean_skin == 2, rf should be
computed from the ocean-atmosphere interface temperature, tsurf_in,
not the SST bulk temperature, tsurf_new. So, for consistency, we also
use tsurf_in when activate_ocean_skin == 1. So this revision also
changes the results when activate_ocean_skin == 1.

16 lines of code changed in 5 files:

  • branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd: ocean_cpl_mod.F90 (new), ocean_forced_mod.F90 (new), surf_ocean_mod.F90 (+3 -3)
lguez 2019-01-30 18:55 Rev.: 3458

Introduce variable activate_ocean_skin in module config_ocean_skin_m.

Bug fix in phys_state_var_end: we need to deallocate variables for
lmdz1d (although it is useless for a 3D run).

74 lines of code changed in 7 files:

  • branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd: pbl_surface_mod.F90 (+18 -12), phyetat0.F90 (+10 -6), phyredem.F90 (+5 -2), phys_output_var_mod.F90 (+3 -2), phys_output_write_mod.F90 (+13 -10), phys_state_var_mod.F90 (+6 -2), surf_ocean_mod.F90 (+19 -14)
lguez 2019-01-18 19:29 Rev.: 3432

Move the call to config_ocean_skin out of !$OMP MASTER in procedure
conf_phys. Definition of jcool, jwarm and rain_effect must be done by
all threads.

Use keywords in call to bulk_flux in procedure surf_ocean, for clarity.

Define CPP_KEY IN_LMDZ in makelmdz_fcm. This could be useful for any
external code used with LMDZ.

Move the Ocean_skin folder out of the LMDZ tree. This is more
convenient and clearer because Ocean_skin stays under Git control for
now. So we do not declare a phylmd/Ocean_skin folder in
"bld.cfg". Instead, we use the option -ext_src of makelmdz_fcm.

6 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd: conf_phys_m.F90 (+1 -4), surf_ocean_mod.F90 (+5 -4)
lguez 2019-01-02 20:44 Rev.: 3429

Create subdirectory Ocean_skin in libf. For now, Ocean_skin is under
control of git, not subversion.

Add variable eps_w to common YOMCST.

For now, continue to read ocean skin parameters from a namelist in

The parameterisation is called from procedure surf_ocean.

Add two prognostic variables for the parameterisation: dt_ns and
ds_ns. Add eight diagnostic variables: t_int, s_int, dter, dser, tkt,
tks, rf, taur. The ten variables are only defined on ocean surface,
elsewhere they are set to nf90_fill_real. In pbl_surface, we can
initialize the eight diagnostic variables to nf90_fill_real before the
loop on sub-surfaces, but we need to keep the old values of dt_ns and
ds_ns as input of the parameterisation so we set dt_ns and ds_ns to
nf90_fill_real after the call to surf_ocean. Define ten corresponding
compressed variables in pbl_surface. Define ten corresponding NetCDF
output variables in phys_output_ctrlout_mod.

In procedure pbl_surface_newfrac, for an appearing ocean sub-surface,
dt_ns and ds_ns are set to 0. In phyetat0, also set initial dt_ns and
ds_ns to 0 if they are not in start file.

In procedure surf_ocean, for now, we use a constant specific latent
heat of vaporization, as elsewhere in LMDZ, and a constant bulk

0 lines of code changed in 22 files:

  • branches/Ocean_skin/libf/phylmd: YOMCST.h (changed), conf_phys_m.F90 (changed), pbl_surface_mod.F90 (changed), phyetat0.F90 (changed), phyredem.F90 (changed), phys_output_ctrlout_mod.F90 (new), phys_output_var_mod.F90 (new), phys_output_write_mod.F90 (changed), phys_state_var_mod.F90 (changed), suphel.F90 (new), surf_ocean_mod.F90 (changed)
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