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StatSVN - Directory branches/DYNAMICO-conv-GC/DefLists/

Directory branches/DYNAMICO-conv-GC/DefLists/

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Deleted Files:
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Lines of Code

branches/DYNAMICO-conv-GC/DefLists/ Lines of Code


Author Changes Lines of Code Lines per Change
jghattas 30 (100.0%) 0 (-) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

jghattas 2018-10-23 11:22 Rev.: 3407

Modified xml files to correspond to those used for the simulations with DYNAMICO done during the Grand Challenge. Note that only histmth, histday and histhf have been activated.

0 lines of code changed in 30 files:

  • branches/DYNAMICO-conv-GC/DefLists: context_lmdz.xml (changed), field_def_lmdz.xml (changed), file_def_histLES_lmdz.xml (changed), file_def_histdayCOSP_lmdz.xml (changed), file_def_histdayNMC_lmdz.xml (changed), file_def_histday_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histhfCOSP_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histhfNMC_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histhf_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histins_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histmthCOSP_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histmthNMC_lmdz.xml (changed), file_def_histmth_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histstn_lmdz.xml (new), file_def_histstrataer_lmdz.xml (new)
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