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Help and support for LMDZ


SOS LMDZ or what to do when you have a question about LMDZ

User support and assistance is organized as

We advise you to look for informations in the above order; i.e. by first looking through the documentation and FAQ, and then checking out the trac tickets.

If you do not find an answer to your question, then you should send it to lmdz-users. This address sends your query to the LMDZ users community so that anyone able to answer your query can (LMDZ developpers are de facto subscribed to that list). Messages to this mailing list are archived. Subscription and archives are accessible through this page:

The lmdz-users mail should also be used to pass on any suggestion for improvements of the code.

You are strongly urged to use lmdz-users rather than to directly contact one of the LMDZ developers to sort and file requests better.
To help keeping track of requests and answers, please do put lmdz-users in copy of all subsequent mails.

The trac can be accessed by all, however opening new tickets requires having a specific account created on the server (for occasional users, creating their ticket can be done via a member of the team who manage the lmdz-users mail).

Kantha Rao
Kantha Rao says:
13/01/2017 12:13

I am trying to run ce0l.e in my linux pc, the programme was halting by giving the error "COUCOU 6". please help me

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