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You are here: Home Utilisateurs FAQ Installing How can I install IOIPSL and the rebuild tool?

How can I install IOIPSL and the rebuild tool?

The IOIPSL library is not installed on my machine and/or I don't have the 'rebuild' tool to recombine the outputs of the model when it is run in MPI mode. What do I have to do to install the IOIPSL library and related tools?
  1. If you are using an up-to-date version of the script to install the model, then you already have an updated version of the IOIPSL library (in the modipsl/lib directory) and the 'rebuild' utility  (in directory modipsl/bin). If it isn't the case, then it is most probably because your are using an old version of the script and you should retrieve the latest version and re-install the model.
  2. If you aren't using the script to install the model, then you'll have to install the IOIPSL library by yourself along the lines of the following steps:
## Prerequisites: the NetCDF library must be installed on your system
# 1. Download modipsl, the installation utility
svn co modipsl
# 2. Go to directory util
cd modipsl/util
# 3. Extract IOIPSL (here the full version, in order to also get the
# 'rebuild' utility)
# 4. Adapt file AA_make.gdef. This is the tricky bit: this file contains
# all the definitions (where to find the netcdf library, which compiler to use, etc.)
# associated à to a given "target configuration".
# You can create your own "target configuration" inspired from the models already
# available, or by adapting a pre-existing one (in what follows, we'll assume that the
# "gfortran" "target configuration" will be used
# 5. Install the IOIPSL files
./ins_make -t "gfortran" -p I4R8
# 6. Compile the IOIPSL library
cd ../modeles/IOIPSL/src
# If all went well, the libioipsl.a library and associated modules
# are in the modipsl/lib directory
# 7. Compile the rebuild tool (to be able to recombine outputs in MPI mode)
cd ../tools
# If all went well, the 'rebuild' utility (and ancillary 'flio_rbld')
# is in the modipsl/bin directory

Last updated: 19 April 2012