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LMDZ work on the Cordex South America domain:


From L. Li:

       Yes, I use LMDZ for a few CORDEX(-like) initiatives. For the Mediterranean and South America, the effort is quite inside the "official" coordinated framework. I use also a regional configuration for East China (a much smaller domain than the official southeast Asia domain), in collaboration with colleagues in Nanjing (simulations are run there). The LMDZ version that I am using is a relatively old one, but close to what Krishnan used in IITM. I need to update the model to the latest version (to be used for CMIP6).

      My experimental design is close to CORDEX recommendation. It consists of an evaluation run driven by ERA-Interim, and then historical or RCP (4.5 and 8.5) runs driven by GCMs outputs. In most cases, IPSL-CM5A-MR is used as driving GCM. But in the case of East China, I used also CNRM-CM, MPI-ESM, BCC-CSM, and FGOALS (2 French models, 2 Chinese models and one German model). For this domain, Chinese colleagues in Nanjing complete the study by some statistical downscaling methods. They also perform many interesting diagnostics. I will meet them again next week.


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