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This is the working group Cordex-LMDZ


Welcome to the Cordex-LMDZ working group's homepage. Here, you'll find information on the uses of LMDZ in its zoomed configuration for Cordex and Cordex-like exercises

The CORDEX homepage


Past, present and future involvment in Cordex and Cordex-like exercises with LMDZ:


(clickable map)


  • South Asia, Krishnan, IITM (Pune, India)
  • South America, Laurent Li, LMD (Paris, France)
  • Mediterranean, Laurent Li, LMD (Paris, France)
  • Antarctica, Gerhard Krinner, LGGE (Grenoble, France)
  • Western Africa, Frédéric Hourdin, LMD (Paris, France)
  • Eyjafjöll volcano, Fukushima nuclear accident, site evaluation, regional simulations, Frédérique Chéruy, LMD (Paris France)
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